Cello Maple MultiPurpose Rack Ice Brown



  • Easy to assemble
  • cuts down on professional installation cost (DIY)
  • Air vents to keep shoes away from odour
  • Multiple and adjustable shelves for storage
  • For more storage the racks can be stacked on the top of another or can be placed side by side
  • Stylish and durable
  • Requires minimum maintenance and can withstand sun | snow | dirt
  • Ideal for homes
  • offices and hospitals


When you set out to furnish your house, you lay out considerable amount of cash for buying a wooden/ metal furniture but after a few months, maintaining the same can be challenging. Wooden furniture involves wood to be cut for making furniture which leads to ecological problems. Having a high-end plastic furniture, will make things easier for you. Plastic furniture is cheaper, easy to maintain & stackable, which saves your valuable storage space. Cello ventured into manufacturing of elegant, versatile and durable Plastic Moulded Furniture bringing convenience and style to consumers at surprisingly economical prices, made from special grade plastic and state of the art moulds from Italy.


Cello Maple MultiPurpose Rack Ice Brown