Cello, Companion for Life


Cello a name that is common in the Indian households for the past 60+ years. Established in 1962 with the vision to be India's most preferred household brand with innovative & aesthetically superior products at affordable prices. Cello has seamlessly blended innovation, aesthetics, and affordability to become a trusted companion in homes, hotels, restaurants, and catering establishments. With a rich history spanning over 60 years, Cello has continually evolved and diversified its product range to cater to the ever-evolving needs of Indian consumers.

A Legacy of Understanding

Cello's journey has been marked by an unwavering commitment to understanding and addressing the diverse preferences and requirements of Indian consumers. Over the years, the brand has honed its expertise in the consumer products industry, fostering a deep connection with its audience. This connection has not only allowed Cello to anticipate trends but also to proactively create products that seamlessly integrate into the lives of its customers.


Cello's extensive product range reflects its dedication to enhancing the lives of every household. From drinkware, which includes an array of water bottles, flasks, tea sets, and coffee mugs, to dinnerware comprising opalware and stainless steel sets, the brand caters to various aspects of dining and culinary experiences. It provides a range of options, from glass and microwave-safe steel lunch boxes to plastic, opalware, and insulated lunch boxes, along with electric tiffins for convenient meals on the go.

The brand also features both stainless steel and insulated casseroles, keeping food warm and flavorful, which is perfect for home-cooked meals. Additionally, there's a collection of glass jars, stainless steel canisters, and PET containers designed to organize and preserve kitchen essentials with style. Cello's dedication to culinary innovation is further evident through the presentation of mixing bowls and glass bakeware, designed to inspire baking creativity and deliver exceptional culinary results. The brand offers a diverse array of kitchen appliances, including mixer grinders, toasters, sandwich makers, kettles, and beaters, all designed to simplify cooking routines. The cookware range is equally comprehensive, with options including non-stick, hard-anodized, impact-bonded steel, triply, and 5-ply variations in woks, pans, cookware sets, and gas stoves, catering to diverse cooking needs.

The "Cello Kidzee" range is tailored specifically for children, encompassing lunch boxes, water bottles, and dinner sets designed with playful aesthetics and functionality in mind.

The brand's "#mycelloflask" initiative adds a personalized touch, allowing customers to monogram steel flasks with names or initials, thereby turning utilitarian products into cherished possessions.

In the realm of gifting, Cello thoughtfully curates a selection of offerings at various price points, meticulously designed based on the recipient's preferences, thereby ensuring that every occasion becomes a memorable one.

The cleaning supplies, branded under the name Kleeno, offer an assortment of essentials such as spin mops, brushes, wipers, brooms, and dustbins, thereby ensuring a hygienic and organized living environment.

Cello's journey has been marked by collective growth, both internally and externally. With 13 manufacturing facilities across five strategic locations in India, the brand seamlessly combines global technology advancements with its manufacturing prowess. The brand's growth is not only about product expansion, but also about nurturing its people and fostering a collective spirit that drives success.