Caliber Copper Water Bottle

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100% Copper embossed designed bottle with a tight seal. Even today's medical professionals advise patients to drink water from copper containers since it helps them stay healthier overall. Water kept in copper water bottles absorbs copper's qualities, giving the water a coppery charge. Drinking copper water on an empty stomach can help with a number of health problems, including thyroid, skin, cardiovascular, and cancer problems. In addition, washing this copper water bottle is not as tough as cleaning and preserving copper cookware, which is a common misconception.


Features Pure Copper
Components 1 Bottle
Dimensions 7.2X7.2X27 cms
Warranty 1 year
Weight 282 Grams
Utility Tamra Jal
Manufacturer Cello, Cello World Survey no.66,ringanwada,dabhel,Daman &
Packer Cello, Cello World Survey no.66,ringanwada,dabhel,Daman &
Country of Origin India
Importer NA